With the iMove-C Sit-Stand Desk your ability to change positions throughout your workday will have a profound impact on your productivity and well-being. And you will accomplish it in style too.

The iMove-C has a unique, proprietary mechanism that allows for ease of adjustment and smooth transition between sitting and standing.

The iMove-C can be configured with sideboards in a long or short version. These sideboards can be placed on either side of the iMove-C.

What makes these sideboards unique is the iMove leg actually is encased inside the sideboard allowing for a more cohesive and unified design without any wasted space under the desk. If your desk setup requires a CPU, it can be housed in the sideboard out of sight, but still within easy access for IT.

And with the iMove cable management system, power, internet, lighting and phone cables all disappear into the sideboard when the desk is at its bottom point and are neatly contained in the cable track that rises with the desk when it is raised to the standing positon.

Available in a variety of desktop sizes and configurations with different size sideboards, and Conference Tables.

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