Satin Non-Glare Glass is Starphire glass with a true non-glare surface. It has been rigorously tested to insure it lives up to its non-glare properties, which are better resolution of written information on the board and minimal distraction from reflections.

Satin is used in a wide range of applications primarily for its aesthetics, its NON-GLARE properties and dry erase-ability. Cleaning properly and regularly with EXIMO ensures the best results, even if written on with a Sharpie.

Satin Glass can function as a projectable board, but it is NOT the proper, nor is it the ideal surface for projecting client presentations. It does not provide as clean and crisp an image as traditional projection screens, flat screen TVs or optical presentation screens.

So why choose Satin?

Aesthetics. A beautiful, floating, frameless glassboard, almost like a piece of art

Dry Erase/Writing Properties. A dry erase-able surface when cleaned properly and regularly.

Durable Scratch Resistant Surface. Satin always comes clean with very little ghosting and looks pristine after cleaning, even when a Sharpie has been used.

Non-Glare Feature. In a wide variety of lighting environments, Satin provides better resolution of written information and minimal distractions from reflections.

Project-Ability. While it is NOT designed for High Resolution client/public presentations, it can be used for "in-house" projections and presentations.

Satin is constructed of tempered glass with polished edges, with or without radius corners. The glass is .25" thick. Boards can be magnetic, non-magnetic, opaque or translucent.

Frameless Satin glassboards are available in 8 standard sizes and a wide range of custom sizes.
Standard sizes:

  • 36" w x 24" h
  • 48" w x 36" h
  • 48" w x 47 3/8" h
  • 60" w x 47 3/8" h
  • 72" w x 47 3/8" h
  • 84" w x 47 3/8" h
  • 96" w x 47 3/8" h
  • 120" w x 47 3/8" h

Multiple mounting options are available: framed, concealed brackets, various standoff versions, direct adhesive and desking and panel system mounting. It can be mounted vertically as well.

Available in a wide range of colors. Background colors can match paint sample colors from almost any source. Custom graphics and logos that will not fade or scratch can also be added.

Magnetic Glass Note (click to open/close)
This magnetic glassboard product requires very strong magnets. Although small, these nickel and rubber encased rare earth magnets should be handled with care. Magnets should not be stored near electronic equipment. Persons with a pacemaker should maintain a safe distance from these magnets. Children under the age of 6 and any child that puts objects in its mouth should not be allowed to handle these or any other magnets.
The question is always: "what are your Standard Glassboard Colors?" The answer— what color do you have in mind? Because other than a few high-opacity colors, almost any color you can imagine is considered a "Standard." That means no upcharge, no additional costs for the color you need to make your project complete. So if you imagine a color or have a unique color you need to match, most likely it will be a Standard Color. For more information or to determine that your color request is indeed a Standard color, contact us via or give us a call and we'll confirm your color.