Merge Rail—A presentation system for individual and group settings, incorporating a variety of materials, a sliding rail system, and a personal, transportable markerboard/tackboard component that is lightweight, frameless, flexible in size and reversible.

Merge Rail is designed to mount directly to the wall. The 1.5” square aluminum profile creates unbroken, horizontal lines while keeping all boards and panels in order and easy to mount, relocate and remove. Using its versatile slot positioning, boards can be placed inside the tracks or they can hang on the face of the track and slide. The System can utilize a 2 or 3 rail configuration based on the user’s requirements.

Merge Rail Component Boards are designed to offer the best Porcelain Steel Writing Surface (lifetime warranty), and Acousticor, our Felt PET acoustic/tackable material, that can be disinfected and bleached without harm or discoloration. Boards can be customized to various sizes to integrate into our INTERSECTION product group or in conjunction with Media Wall and Merge Wall Mounted products. In most cases Merge Rail can be configured to work with your current furniture/wall systems.

Merge Rail Component Boards are also available with handles and drillings for ease of transport and use. Two Styles of handles are currently available and may vary according to the size of the board and the user’s preference. Most Component Boards can be reversible.

Merge Rail Frameless Glass Media Walls combine wall mounted frameless glass markerboards and our unique Merge Rail System to create a two level presentation wall. Sliding Panels hang and slide in the top track and hide the video display for dramatic effect. Back painted glass markerboards can be magnetic or non-magnetic. Sliding Panels can be glass, porcelain enameled steel or Acousitcor, but are not reversible. Can be used with or without a monitor. Walls must be able to allow for a recessed monitor.

Merge Rail Mobile Screen/Cart is an integral element within the system, as it can function as a simple two-sided mobile screen, and also as a transport system to relocate boards from brainstorming areas to presentation areas. Each cart can hold up to 8 full size boards.

Standard Frame Finishes:
Satin Anodized Aluminum; Black Powder Coat – (see Corona Group Specifying Tool Kit – Profiles Box).

Standard Panel Materials:
CPS Porcelain, Fabric/Tackable Panels, Acousticor Felt Panels, even Glass (see Corona Group Specifying Tool Kit – Surfaces Box).

Custom Panel Components:
Always being open to new designs and materials, whether you are creating a functional presentation system or a decorative or Acoustic element, the possibilities are endless – (contact Corona Group for more information)

Fabric Selection Info (click to open/close)
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Grade 1 Fabrics:
100% Recycled Rubber
Maharam/Mist >
Momentum/Script >
Momentum/Vox >

Grade 2 Fabrics
Maharam/Method >
Maharam/Milestone >
Maharam/Manner >
Maharam/Medium >
Maharam/Metric >
Maharam/Muse >
Momentum/Hue >

For more information contact us via or give us a call and we'll confirm your color.
ACOUSTICOR Info (click to open/close)
• 100% polyester fiber acoustic felt consisting of 60% recycled PET material
and 40% virgin material
• ASTM E84 A Rating permanently achieved by impregnating virgin material into the panel.
• thickness: 9mm (3/8”)
• 20 available colors

Note: White or Ivory finishes have limited availability based on the application. For more information contact us via or give us a call.