Constructed of tempered, safety glass .25" thick, boards can be magnetic or non-magnetic. VIP Framed Glass Boards are available in three glass types: Basic (Clear-green tint), Classic (Starphire-pure white) and Satin (non-glare Starphire).

Framed in matte anodized aluminum, boards are available in lengths up to 10'' and heights up to 51.3" They come in a variety of colors and can be magnetic or non-magnetic.
Standard sizes:

  • 36" w x 24" h
  • 48" w x 36" h
  • 48" w x 51.3" h
  • 60" w x 51.3" h
  • 72" w x 51.3" h
  • 84" w x 51.3" h
  • 96" w x 51.3" h
  • 120" w x 51.3" h

VIP Framed Glass Boards come in two configurations: with a single top track that allows for creating a bi-level presentation system; or a double rail top track that allows for a tri-level presentation system. The double rail track includes ball bearings for hanging paper.

Concealed mounting brackets allow the board to mount in the traditional VIP manner; as if it's "floating."