The simple, stylish frame clears away the confusion of the sometimes cluttered appearance of the generic tack board, creating a tranquil environment.

With individual fabric, ACOUSTICOR acoustic panels or recycled rubber choices, the VIP Notice Board can be tailored to match any specific room color palette.

VIP Notice Boards are available with either 1 or 2 sliding top tracks for use with any of our VIP Component Boards. This allows for the creation of a bi or tri-level presentation system. Concealed ball bearings for paper hanging are included in the 2 track top rail.

VIP Notice Boards are available in lengths up to 118" by 51.3" heights. Custom sizes are available.

Frames are matte anodized aluminum.

Fabric Selection Info (click to open/close)
To view Fabric swatch, for Momentum click on fabric name below, once on Momentum webpage, click on "Products," then click on "Product Name" tab at top of page-enter product name-then click search. For Maharam click on Fabric Name.

Grade 1 Fabrics:
100% Recycled Rubber
Maharam/Muse >
Momentum/Alpha >
Momentum/Edict >
Momentum/Script >
Momentum/Vox >

Grade 2 Fabrics
Maharam/Milestone >
Maharam/Manner >
Maharam/Medium >
Maharam/Metric >
Momentum/Hue >

For more information contact us via or give us a call and we'll confirm your color.
ACOUSTICOR Info (click to open/close)
• 100% polyester fiber acoustic felt consisting of 60% recycled PET material
and 40% virgin material
• ASTM E84 A Rating permanently achieved by impregnating virgin material into the panel.
• thickness: 9mm (3/8”)
• 20 available colors

Note: White or Ivory finishes have limited availability based on the application. For more information contact us via or give us a call.