VIP+ Series
Sliding Panels • Sliding Rail System
Sliding Doors

From an oversized Classroom Presentation System to a sliding wall dividing a specific space to a sliding door that can be used for presentations in small spaces, eisysVISUAL offers our new VIP+ Series.

VIP+ Sliding Panel System

Floor to ceiling e3 porcelain enamel whiteboards combine with fabric to create panels that measures up to 4' wide x 12' high.
Anchors to the ceiling with a guide track, and to the floor with roller tracks.
Provides a distinctive double-sided divider for creating flexible meeting spaces, work stations and group activity spaces.

Fabric and other material options available.

VIP+ Sliding Rail System

The VIP+ Sliding Rail System is ideal for large classrooms or conference rooms.
Create multi-level presentations using wall mounted e3 Porcelain Enamel Steel Whiteboards or Chalkboards.
Heavy duty sliding rails combined with our wall mounted VIP Series, means larger than ever superior writing surface perfect for writing, projecting or hiding media.

Fabric and other material options available.

VIP+ Sliding Door System

Can be used with or without other VIP Series Components to create a presentation board for small rooms, break rooms, or other spaces occasionally needing privacy. And works just like a sliding door.

Fabric Selection Info (click to open/close)
To view Fabric swatch, for Momentum click on fabric name below, once on Momentum webpage, click on "Products," then click on "Product Name" tab at top of page-enter product name-then click search. For Maharam click on Fabric Name.

Grade 1 Fabrics:
100% Recycled Rubber
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Momentum/Tate >
Momentum/Vox >

Grade 2 Fabrics
Maharam/Milestone >
Maharam/Manner >
Maharam/Medium >
Maharam/Metric >
Momentum/Impact >
Momentum/Hue >

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