ACOUSTICOR Acoustic Panels are available in 20 colors and complement any of our visual presentation products; from INTERSECTION and VIP+ to elements and VIP Series boards. Acousticor can also be used for ceiling baffles and wall squares to help mitigate sound.

Acosuticor panels are 100% polyester fiber acoustic felt (60% recycled PET material/40% virgin material)

ASTM 84A Rating permanently achieved by impregnating virgin material in the panel.

Thickness: 9mm (3/8")

Custom digital printed colors available on solid color PET.

Contact Corona Group for custom sizing, mounting options and pricing.

Colors:Acousticor color options

Textures:Acousticor texture options

NOTE: Beach, Snow or Ivory finishes have limited availability based on the application.

See Acousticor Product Fact sheet for pattern options.